My Story

I had Chronic Severe Eczema in 2004-2018 (Fourteen years) and during this time, I used various prescription medication this included; Aqueous Cream, Hydromol Ointment, 50-50, Epaderm Ointment, Diprobase, Dermol Lotion, Aveeno Lotion, Elidel, Protopic and Cyclosporine (Immunosuppressant). Various steroid ointments’ Hydrocortisone, Eumovate Ointment, Betnovate, Dermovate and steroid tablets called Prednisolone. I had various hospital appointments with Dermatologists and doctors; throughout this time, my quality of life was greatly affected, my self-confidence, friendships and my career.

I found out that the doctors and consultants were puzzled about my condition as medication prescribed did not improve the eczema.

Determined to find a diagnosis I went back to my doctor, who told me that he didn’t know what was wrong. Out of desperation, I asked my doctor to make another referral to a dermatologist in a different area. It was only when I was seen by this particular dermatologist that there was a breakthrough and I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Severe Eczema. I had a RAST Test which showed me what I was allergic to, I then had a course of Light Therapy which was beneficial. I began to make changes to my diet, which at the time was difficult but, over the coming weeks and months began improving my skin.

I researched my condition and looked at my diet by using a food diary, what I was putting on my skin and any possible triggers. I did a lot of research on natural ingredients and alternatives to find something that could soothe and moisturise my skin. With this knowledge, I decided to formulate balms and ointments, which I tried on my skin as well as my children who also suffered from eczema and dry skin. It brought relief to our skin and I continued formulating.

My creation began in 2006, I started to see light at the end of the tunnel and a chance to share this with my family and continued tweaking my formulation making vegan balms using essential oils for various ailments.

In 2017, I went on a product making course run by NaturallyThinking to learn how to make cosmetic products from raw ingredients and safely sell in the UK and Europe. I wanted to make my skincare range available for others, as I know how it feels, first-hand, to go through four years of my life without being diagnosed searching for answers. This skincare range is not a cure, but it can help soothe your skin and improve your well-being. The great thing about my skincare range is that it can be used on all skin types.

I completed a Natural Skin Care: Hair Care course at Aromantic and attended an Introduction to Aromatherapy course at Neal Yards Remedies.

I graduated from University with BSC (Hons) in Computing. I’m a qualified Teaching Assistant, I studied NCFE Certificate Teaching and Learning in Schools.

All of our products have been fully lab tested.

Meet the Team

About Our Products

As a business we make a concerted effort to look after you. Our organic products are made to order and are personal to that customer, putting that customer in mind.

Time and effort has been taken for each formulation, samples of products have been given out to people and feedback was given. All our organic products have been thoroughly tested in a lab and passed certification.

  • No Animal testing and vegan friendly
  • Suitable for all skin types including Eczema and sensitive skin
  • No Animal fats or Waxes, No Parabens and No Artificial Fragrances
  • SLS Free
  • Our organic products are Vegan Friendly which come from plant and Vegetable Origin
  • Store products in a cool place and keep products away from direct sunlight.

A 24-hour skin patch test is recommended, when using our organic vegan skin care range to prevent any sensitivity to the product.

All of the containers and bottles we use for our skincare range are made from PET Plastic which are BPA free, they are reusable and recyclable.

We always encourage our customers to recycle and re-use the packaging once they’ve finished with it.