Why moisturising your skin is essential and how to apply it

As eczema affects the skins production of sebum it’s important that you adopt a daily skincare routine which ensures your skin is moisturised and hydrated. This means that your skin will be protected by a barrier by moisturising.

Before applying lotion to your skin, ensure your hands are clean. This reduces any contamination to the lotion or infection to the skin.

Dry your skin gently with a towel.

Moisturise your skin immediately after having a shower or bath to replace the moisture back into your skin, this acts as a barrier. Experts recommend doing this within 3 minutes to restore moisture to the skin and prevent dryness or irritation.

Do you know how to moisturise your skin correctly?

Many people think they do but you are supposed to apply the lotion using downward strokes, this is to prevent irritation to your skin and it’s the direction your hair grows. You should also avoid applying the lotion in circles or rubbing it in as this will cause further irritation to the skin.

Do not share your lotion with anyone to prevent cross-contamination.

Never rub up and down vigorously as this could trigger itching, block hair follicles and create more heat in the skin. (From National Eczema Society)

For years I was applying creams to my skin by rubbing it in. It was only whilst I was waiting to be seen by my consultant that a nurse in the hospital saw me rubbing the cream into my skin.  She politely asked if I always applied the cream this way and showed me how to the apply the cream correctly.  All this time I was unaware of the damage I was doing to my skin because I was never told before then, despite having Chronic Severe Eczema at the time. When I had been shown the correct way to apply cream to my skin it brought me some relief immediately.

Whether you have a skin condition or not we should always moisturise our skin in the direction our hair grows.

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Posted by Amanda Roberts on 6th April 2020

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