The dangers of Topical Steroids

In my previous blog, I outlined eight reasons why you should avoid the use of topical steroids.

I decided to do another blog to focus more on the long-term use of topical steroids as my previous blog was more of an overview.

Topical steroids should get a bad name and for a very good reason

I’ve used various steroid creams and ointments; Hydrocortisone, Betnovate, Dermovate, Eumovate, Diprosalic ointment.  Some of these topical steroids are more potent than others causing damage to your skin and overall well-being, which can be irreversible and you may be left with a poor quality of life. To find out more click here 8 reasons why you should avoid the use of topical steroids

During the time I used topical steroids it changed the appearance and texture of my skin; some of the pigment has changed whilst other areas of my skin have dark spots. This, unfortunately, is irreversible but it’s a hard lesson to me of the dangers of topical steroids.

Luckily, I have come out the other side and stopped using prescription medication for eczema.

You hear that consuming too much alcohol is not good for you, obesity is on the rise, the food standards agency needs to have a traffic light system on all foods.

Why aren’t their warnings on topical steroids?

The reason for this is that if people truly knew the damage and the risk this posed to their health, people would be able to make an informed choice themselves. Which they do not want.

All doctors and dermatologists know the risks and dangers of topical steroids they’ve studied for years, but yet they continue to prescribe these knowing the risks to a patient. 

I used to respect doctors and dermatologists, believing that they were there to help me get better. But that wasn’t the case and I’m here to help and educate others so that you don’t have to go through this turmoil or have to change your life due to ill-health and possibly being dependent on prescription medication(s).

Your skin is the largest organ and helps to keep your body healthy and strong so that your immune system can function well by fighting off diseases and infections. We naturally produce steroids within our body; to fight inflammation, control the salt and water in the body and for our metabolism to work well.

What we are not told is that topical steroids absorb into the body which suppresses the immune system preventing it from functioning. It restricts the blood vessels from working effectively and it affects your hormones.

I remember using steroid creams/ointment and my skin becoming tighter and tighter until it felt like my skin was going to split.

Can anyone relate to this?

Finding the root cause of eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions is the most important thing as this will help you on your journey for healing and full recovery.

I too used various topical steroids and I regret ever using them but now I know what my triggers are and what food to avoid. Learn more about the 11 triggers of eczema.

Long- term use of topical steroids

Topical Steroids thin the area of the skin causing it to lose elasticity. The area of the skin becomes more sensitive and healing wounds take a lot longer.

People have experienced Topical Steroid Withdrawal also known as TSW when they have stopped using topical steroids. Some of the symptoms have been redness to the skin, a burning sensation, peeling and itchy skin.

The same symptoms and recovery may be different for everyone but when I’ve been in contact with people they’ve told me that it is extremely painful and that they do not know if they can continue (TSW).

Have you had TSW?

If you are currently using topical steroids or know someone that is, it’s advisable to seek advice before stopping so that you can get the support needed to get through this difficult time.

My solution and what worked for me

If you are experiencing or know anyone that has eczema or other skin ailments you must try to find the root cause. This may be dietary, stress-related, environmental or something else.  You will not find the answers, get relief or get better-using topical steroids. I’m living testimony of this. Find out more about my story.

I found that it was a hard decision to stop using topical steroids but I knew If I wanted to get better and not be reliant or dependent on prescription medication, I had to stop using it and find a more natural, gentle alternative. In my blogs, I go into more detail on how my health improved and my skin got better. Find out more about my eczema journey.

I finally found a skincare product that is bespoke and works well for me. I formulate my skincare range called Icylda Skincare. If you are interested in finding out more you can leave me a comment in the box, or send me a DM on Instagram at icylda_skincare

If you are interested in adopting a natural approach you can check out a previous blog of mine where I researched about 6 powerful natural antibiotics.

Written and posted by Amanda Roberts, the Founder of Icylda Skincare on 11th August 2020.

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