Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Zero Waste

Some things are not within our control but there are things that we can do to help the environment. 

As CEO of Icylda Skincare we believe it’s very important that we are mindful about waste, pollution and ensuring that we do our part to help the environment. 

All of the containers and bottles we use for our skincare range are made from PET Plastic which are BPA free, they are reusable and recyclable and do not leach any harmful chemicals if placed into landfill. We have decided not to use glass bottles or containers for our current products as we feel that they will not be safe.  Although glass is recyclable and better for the environment it can easily break and cause harm to others. Our products are made for individuals as well as for families and as these products are to be used in the bathroom and placed at the bath breakage is possible. 

Most of our packaging is recyclable. The lining inside of the jiffy padded enveloped has bubble wrap so this will need to be removed before recycling. The filling which is put inside the jiffy padded envelope for padding is made from corn starch which is recyclable, biodegradable when it becomes wet it dissolves. 

We always encourage our customers to recycle and re-use the packaging once they’ve finished with it. 

Future plansĀ 

We hope to be using glass containers for some of our products as it’s more sustainable and eco-friendlier. Eventually, we would like to go zero waste and provide a service whereby customers can bring their own sterilised containers to be refilled. 

With all this in mind it is very important that we recycle correctly by ensuring that once our containers and bottles are clean and we’ve reused them as much as we can, that we dispose of them correctly using the correct bins. 

If we are do our bit, we can help our environment and everyone around us.

Posted by Amanda Roberts on 31st May 2020  

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