10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are starchy root vegetables that have a thin brown skin, which comes in various shapes and sizes; orange, purple and white.   

  1. It’s a great immune booster 
  2. Research has shown that if you have eczema, you’re least likely to have an allergic reaction to it
  3. Helps to reduce blood pressure and is a natural anti-aging 
  4. Contains manganese which helps to produce collagen and improve the skin 
  5. A rich source of fibre which is beneficial to your gut and digestive system 
  6. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and D 
  7. Good source of iron 
  8. It’s packed with Anti-oxidants and Beta Carotene that gives it, its colour 
  9. May Enhance brain function
  10. High in anti-inflammatory benefits 

Let me know if you have any tasty recipes containing sweet potato. 

Posted by Amanda Roberts on 9th June 2020 

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